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N O M :  Culinary Tales of the Diaspora 
NOM was a group exhibition presented at AMP Gallery in Peckham, London between October 20th and November 4th 2018.  It was curated and facilitated by The Laundry Arts, an arts collective championing a platform and space for female and BAME artists.  As one of five artists in residence, Renuka was invited to explore our relationship with food.  The piece, Culinary Threads: A tale of the Diaspora aimed to delve into identity and racial politics involved in food and immigrant culture, and the importance/relationship of the heritage and history enshrouded in an authentically cooked dish whilst acknowledging the inevitable hybridization of cultures.   
The artworks below were developed as limited edition prints to be featured in a publication created alongside the exhibition to further engage and open up the conversation outside the gallery space. 
tongue and rice.jpg
Scan 135.jpeg
Scan 52.jpeg
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