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Serkles is a Scottish brand working towards a more circular vision of fashion. When we wear socks, it's known that sometimes one 'mysteriously' disappears in the wash, or one sometimes rips. As a result, we may throw a perfectly good sock away. Serkles has created a set of 7 odd-socks, designed not to be pairs but still to coordinate to be worn with each other.  The next time you find one of your socks has gone missing, you can still wear it with many others! 

As one of six Scottish designers, I designed a collection of socks around the healing quality of my home in the Highlands, Oban.

The socks are available to purchase here

"This collection is inspired by the healing, restorative aspects of the ocean around scenic Oban. It’s a true bond of love and appreciation.

The landscape and weather may be unforgiving and unpredictable but, for local residents, the harshness of the environment only accentuates its beauty and poignancy.

Barnacles and limpets cling their way through the seasons; trees hug the hillside and grow at slants, buffered by perpetual wind.

Surviving in these climes requires resilience. There are soothing surprises, however . Harsh slate is softened by tufts of green moss and sinewy beards of lichen. Seaweed traces languorous patterns in wet sand dunes. In Summer, bursts of riotously colourful wildflowers come alive with the hum of bees.

They are all testament to the unique weather-beaten warmth I feel when I think of my new home in the Highlands."

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