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W H A T    T H E   C O P ?
a collaboration with Wagon Art, Oban Youth Café & Climate Fresk

With the advent of the COP26 conference in Glasgow, buzz was raised in Oban over how the Highlands and Islands were to be affected by policy, being a coastal community on the frontlines of change.  At the same time, many felt disconnected, believing the event to lead to outcomes that would not take account of or include them.  

To engage the Oban community, Naoko of Wagon Art held documentary screenings at the local Oban Phoenix Cinema in the week leading up to COP 26, with themes of frontline communities around the world suffering the disastrous effects of climate change and the inability of COP to have produced tangible change in the past.  From Kiribati to Kenya, we were able to draw parallels and differences in our experiences.  After the screenings, discussions were held on our expectations from COP26, and how Oban could play its part in moving to being a more sustainable community.

The results of these discussions culminated into spider diagrams that Naoko and Renuka drew on as window displays at the Oban Youth Café.  


We also had the opportunity to host a Climate Fresk workshop with climate activist Romain Hamet.  Romain was travelling through Oban on the way to COP, and serendipitously passed our window.  A chance encounter turned into a wonderfully informative workshop developed by Climate NGO Climate Fresk.  An in depth look at the big picture of climate change and all of the causes and reactions, it culminated in discussions as to how to best and realistically reduce our footprint.  

To find out more about Climate Fresk, click here.  

Photos taken by Naoko Mabon and Renuka Ramanujam
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