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A T M A N      P R I N T S 

Atman is a celebration of the origins of human creativity and life on the natural landscape.  Taking inspiration from the beauty of old cartography, alchemy and the spiritual language of indigenous cultures, Atman aims to create a thoughtful visual narrative of humanity and its introspective, yet primal side. 


These paper prints were developed in tandem with a textile collection that was entirely naturally dyed onto organic natural fibres, and screenprinted with biodegradable plant based inks developed by Mudra.  These prints acted as 'proofs' for the textile collection.  All prints were created with water-based inks, and some prints here also include the plant based ink where specified.  


To see the textile collection, click here.

Pangaean Dream.jpg
Pangaean Dream, 2016
Screenprinted collage with plant based pigments on Cartridge Paper,
56cm x 82cm
The Archipelago, 2016
Screenprint including plant based pigment on Newsprint + Somerset Watercolour Paper collaged on Cyanotype 
58cm x 80cm
Igneous Time, 2016 
Screenprint and Handpainted on Recycled Matt Kraft Paper 
33cm x 72cm
OC 04 2020 (Renuka Ramanujam) @(renukara
Ouroboros Talisman, 2016 
Screenprint (inc. metallic) on Nepalese Handmade Recycled Paper 
colourblock agesmall.jpg
The Pangaean Alcoves, 2016 
Screenprint on Handmade Nepalese Recycled Paper
56cm x 82cm
OC 04 2020 (Renuka Ramanujam) @(renukara
Entombed, 2016
Screenprint on Nepalese Handmade Cotton Paper 
sedimentary tale.jpg
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