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Leek and red cabbage sheeting fused with dip-dyed starch based bioplastic.
T E R R A E    V E T E R E S 

Terrae Veteres (Old Earth) is a materials and process led project, inspired by off-the-grid communities, and a romantic return to the rural landscape.  Using the notion of endless serene space, Nordic minimalism and Japanese woodblock prints, a collection of vegetable fibre based sheetings, and biodegradable plastics were developed alongside experimentation with plant based inks.  

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Initial experimental assemblages playing with colour and texture from found materials.

Leek and recycled paper sheeting bonded to starch based bioplastic, screenprinted with water based pigment.  
Dip-dyed and screenprinted starch based bioplastic
Starch based bioplastic, embossed with pistachio shells and screenprinted with water based pigment
Leek and red cabbage sheeting, with laser engraving 
Bioplastic stained and embedded with red cabbage, screenprinted with acid print paste inks.
Starch based bioplastic stained with red cabbage. fused onto recycled paper and leek sheeting.  Screenprinted with water based pigment.  

This fabric was used as a filter cloth for extracting vegetable dyes. Left over stains were amalgamated into a print in order to reduce waste and use as many elements in the design process to advantage.

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