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P L A S T I C   F U T U R E S
 D E A R  2 0 5 0 :  O C E A N S  O N  T H E   R I S E 
a collaboration with Crùbag

“Plastic Futures” is a collaborative vision questioning the future of our marine ecosystem. The piece was made as a culmination of a collaboration about microplastic pollution between designers Jessica Giannotti and Renuka Ramanujam, with the fresh insight of primary school pupils of Taynuilt, Scotland. Using monoprinting and collage techniques, a selection of the students' thoughts, hopes and fears were meshed with Jessica's and Renuka's responses to create a chaotic ensemble of hope, desperation and uncertainty. Add climate change to the mix, and the ensemble becomes explosive and potential scenarios imminent. Coloured frames add structure and a link between nature and a more urban environment as well as the shifting boundaries in habitats caused by climate change. The children are the future, and we as humans have important choices to make. The future is still undecided.

The piece was commissioned for the Dear 2050: Oceans on the Rise Exhibition, held at Kunst(Zeug)Haus in Rapperswil from 12.12.21 to 30.01.22

Digital Print on Organic Silk Twill, Cotton Embroidery with hand-frayed edge, 130cm x 90cm

To see the seed project of the collaboration - Our Plastic Oceans, click here.  

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Exhibition and banner photos by Bettina Rohr